Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gorgeous morning!  In studio listening to Led Zeppelin as it never fails to kick start my day.

New movie coming out that I'd love to see called Nowhere Boy about the early years of John Lennon.


andrea said...

Is that photo from your studio?? You are aon a classic rock kick these days, aren't you? Would love to see the movie about the early Lennon (not that there ever was a late Lennon) -- especially the art school yeras!

Anna said...

Laura is dying to see that movie too- and SJ and Mark have already seen the Rush documentary! (being die hard Rush fans...)
well you are trying to ramp it up and I am starting to slow down-got the paper done and invoiced, Kiwanis is doneish (and they already paid me!) and after next weekend OWE is mostly done too...
when will we have a drink on the deck?????