Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Short Guide To A Happy Life

Hope Floats
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This morning as I was listening to The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright on CBC,  I was surprised to learn one of my favourite authors was about to be interviewed. .....  I love Anna Quindlen.  I've always enjoyed her books, her sense of humor and her uncanny ability to write characters that you feel you may in some way or another,  know.  Her books make me think about them long after I've turned the last page.

About six years ago around Christmas time I was in a Chapters,  just wandering around looking at books and I eventually came across "A Short Guide to A Happy Life".  It is a small book laced with words strung together so beautifully you can't help but stand there and read the entire thing...which is exactly what I did.
That day I bought seven copies and gave them to my closest friends as Christmas gifts...I kept one for myself and after hearing Anna Quindlen speak today I went looking for it.  I imagine to say I sent looking for it was an understatement as I actually turned the house upside down trying to remember where I put it.

At some point I gave up and decided it wasn't meant to be found yet.

This June my oldest daughter graduates high school and in September leaves for university.  I wish I were as great a writer as Anna Quindlen so I could have written this to her before she leaves.

Anna Quindlen's commencement addresss to Villanova University.......

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