Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Trip to Toronto and The End of "Three Matters"

Decided on Friday to head down to the Toronto Outdoor Art Show at Nathan Philips Square. They claim to receive 100,000 visitors during the three day event. Judging by how busy it was on Friday morning at 10:00am, I believe them. It was so much fun to just walk around and soak up all that creativity. I loved Jennifer Amenta's work. I was especially crazy about the entire painting being in black and white and only a couple of the figures being in colour. It really drew your eye in before you were able to absorb the rest of the artwork. Another two artists whose work I admired were Karen Visser and Sandra Tarantino. I loved their paintings depicting people in everyday situations. There is something about merely observing people going about their daily lives that totally intrigues me.
When Sunday rolled around I didn't feel like heading out to the gallery to pickup my work as it was a steller day. Hot and sunny.........good day to sit outside and read a good book. I have to say, I really enjoyed getting to know Ila Kellerman and Mary Profitt. Great artists and terrific people.
So today will be filled with calling the buyers and arranging for pick up of the art they purchased, cleaning up my studio again (yuck), taking the cats outside for a brushing (they really need it), trying to finish some new work and of course, laundry.
Hope your weekend was relaxing.

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Cynthia said...

Sounds wonderful! I love going to art shows...