Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fabulous Toronto

We decided a few months back to take the girls to Toronto for the weekend as a graduation gift. Although we only live an hour away it is always fun to head down for some shopping, take in a few museums, eat at some wonderful restaurants (I love that part...no cooking or clean up).
Toronto is a fabulous city. If you have never been you should. I have heard it is quite similar to New York which I have never been to but would love to visit. Anyone in New York have an suggestions on where to stay????
On Sunday morning we were walking by the First Canadian Place on King Street and this artwork caught my eye. I knew it was a textile from outside so I couldn't wait to see it close up. It is one of four pieces that have to be at least 15 feet long and 10 feet wide. Absolutely breathtaking. It is "Moon Quartet" by Tamara Jaworska. I just stood there totally mesmerized. Beautiful. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into those four gorgeous weavings.
Back in the studio today with lots of work piled up. I am working on a few new pieces which use only paint and thread. Will post one or two when they are done.


Cynthia said...

When I worked for United Airlines, I used to enjoy Toronto layovers quite a bit! Sound like you had a good visit - and that's quite a fiber piece!

Anonymous said...

better late then never, this tapestry piece by Tamara Jaworska is called "Quartet Modern", not Moon
the piece being shown is
Quartet Modern - IV, 1974
Tapestry-gobelin: linen, wool, hand-spun wool, lurex, 5 x 3 meters

and if you want to read more about other textiles hanging around in downtown Toronto you can check out this link.