Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back Home

Back home from Toronto and back at work. We have company coming for the weekend so I am trying to squeeze a bit of time in at the studio before they arrive in between trying to prepare lunch and clean the house. The girls said they cleaned yesterday while I was at the car dealership having the oil changed on the car, but to look around the wouldn't know it.
This piece has just been completed and will head off to the framers on Monday. It was inspired by a photo I took when I was in Toronto in July The trees and foliage are all threadpainted but the rest is acrylic paint.
See you on Monday


Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, is this acrylic paint on fabric?

Melody said...

Yes, is acrylic on cotton

Cynthia said...

Very cool Melody - I thought I was looking at a photograph until I enlarged it and could see the stitching!

I know what you mean about kids and cleaning. I asked my daughter to clean her room today and she said she did, but when I looked in her room, it looked just the same as before the "cleaning".