Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Job?

Yes, I have been quite neglectful when it comes to my blog and I feel terrible about it. I have had the best of intentions for the past few days but never sat down to get it done. In my defense I will say I've picked up another job......sort of. John started a new job back in September and until he moves into his permanent office in December, with an Admin Assistant........guess who gets the role temporarily? My days have been filled with data input, setting up appointments and writing out thank you cards. It really isn't that bad as in another life I was an Admin Assistant.....can you say "full circle". I think I was pretty good at it as I didn't get fired and did get a raise every year but perhaps it just wasn't my calling. I did love the social aspect of it though. That is one thing I really miss about working outside of the house. So I imagine you could say that I didn't really like the part of the job that I got paid for just the part where I got to hang out with others and drink coffee. No wonder I didn't last.
I've heard from a few different artists as of late who are selling some of their smaller works from their blog. This is an idea that interests me. I'll have to mull it over a bit more and do a touch more research but it may be a viable option for selling small pieces.
This is a photo I took when in Toronto last. It reminds of of what a great time I had and of the warmth of the sun. We were supposed to be receiving 10-15cm of snow this am but so far nothing. I'm still hearing it is on on the way
Have a fabulous day and "be happy"

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Cynthia said...

First off, "Happy belated birthday!"

Isn't 47 the new 30? I think I'm turning 42 this year - I say I think because I stopped counting after I turned 40. Not because I was sad about it or anything because I still feel 13. Or, maybe I'm getting old and forgetful?? The other day, I told some kids I was teaching that I was old - 40 and they responded - that's so young! I had to feel good about that.

As far as your new job goes, there's something to be said about a routine. I find I'm actually getting more art work finished now that I'm subbing and teaching. My time feels more precious now.