Monday, November 19, 2007

The Desk That Got The Studio Organized

I attended the "White House Arts and Crafts" show on Friday to see my good friend and mentor Buffi. Buffi is to me what Maya Angelou is to Oprah. She is wise, kind and makes you feel good by just being in her presence. For three days she was managing a booth for a friend who has an antique shop in Rosseau. I fell in love with this little white pigeon hole desk. It seemed perfect for my studio. Finally a place in which to put my cards, papers and pens. So, yes, I brought it home and placed it in my studio. When I stood back and took a look, it seemed to be the only thing in that room that made me feel good....... which got me to thinking....... maybe I've hit a slump with my work because this room just doesn't feel good anymore. Nothing is really organized and everything is just scattered about. I imagine this applies to just about every room in our homes. If things are always chaotic, being at home doesn't feel nuturing or comforting, and to me, that is what our homes are meant to be. A place that instills within us a sense of peace and joy. So keeping that in mind, yesterday I spent all day purging and cleaning everything in my studio and today I've started back to work. Yeah!
Hope your had a great weekend.


andrea said...

Hi Melody -- thanks for visiting and I just took a look at your website. My knowledge of fibre art is so non-existent that if you lived near here I'd take one of your workshops in a second! Nice work.

Melody said...

Thanks so much Andrea, that is quite a compliment coming from you. Much appreciated.

Cynthia said...

Doesn't that feel good, when everything is all organized and you can find everything that you're looking for instantly.

I was looking for my favorite glaze brush the other day and couldn't find it anywhere. I wasted 30 minutes looking for it, until I finally found it in the exact place it should of been - only I overlooked it the first time around because of all the clutter. I'm due for a cleaning myself.

Congrats on your new desk, and your mentor sounds like a terrific person.