Monday, November 12, 2007


Yesterday we attended the wedding of our friends Les and Victoria. It was a small but elegant event, a bunch, which was a nice departure from a full on reception. The girls were invited also but wore grumpy faces because the other teenagers that sat at the same table as them weren't too fond of conversation. Actully, they seemed to enjoy "no conversation" Every so often one of them would head over to my table and say "talk about awkward silence, this is brutal".

It was a short service but really beautiful. John put me in charge (thanks honey)of hitting the play button on the stereo when Victoria began walking up to meet Les. Unfortunately I forgot my glasses and couldn't stand far enough away from the CD player to see what button I was pushing. Luckily I did hit the right one and on came Kenny G.

After the meal we all headed back to their house for drinks and the cutting of the cake. I ended up sitting beside this great woman named Barb who is an airline attendant and who flies back and forth between
Toronto and Hong Kong. We found out we had a lot in common and spent most of our time comparing notes on men, life, art, etc. etc. She had a quick wit and was outrageously funny. At one point we discussed age and she said "You look good for 47". I said, "At this point in time it's all in the lighting".......which of course it is. I've had my moments being under bad fluorescent bulbs when I look like I could be the sister of my grandmother. Yikes.........

Well, I had a great day as I'm sure everyone else did who was there. Les and Victoria are wonderful people and I wish them them the best on their journey.

Hope everyone had a great weekend..........happy and healthy

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