Friday, November 23, 2007

Work In Progress

This is a piece I have been working on for the last few days. Couldn't quite get the greens to come together the way that I had imagined so I have gone through a variety of options until I settled on this. I am enjoying the way the white birches pop out from the mottled green background. The other piece I'm working on is almost complete........I've decided on calling it "The Morning Read". You'll see why when I post it.
Yesterday was a snow day and did we get snow. I had a crazy amount of errands I was supposed to run but since I'm known as "one flake Melody" I waited until today. The whole "one flake" thing came about from either John or Kelly. It is no secret that I do not like (am terrified) driving in the snow. Now I believe "one flake" is taking it too far but that is how I received the dubious title.
My youngest came at me last night with a "brilliant" (her word) idea for her birthday party. "How about we take three of my friends to the spa for the day". I laughed........she didn't get the joke. I suggested a spa day at home where I concoct a couple mud facials and buy some nail polish and emery boards. I don't think that is what she had in mind will have to do
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers............blessings all around.


Cynthia said...

I like the way your new wip is coming together - and I especially like painting on fabric! :D

My daughter's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and she wanted to treat her friends to sushi from one of the best sushi joints in town and then invite all the girls in her classroom to a sleepover. I said one or the other - only 4 girls and then we'll talk. She went back to the drawing board since she didn't like my suggestion.

emm said...

I love your white birches, I am working on some aspens at the moment and I think I will let your piece inspire me. I like the horizontal action against the vertical. The birthday party sounds fun!