Friday, November 2, 2007

Another Year To Celebrate

So today I turned 47 years old. People ask me each and every birthday......"so how does it feel to be another year older?". I always reply "great" because let's face it the alternative just doesn't look to promising. I'm just happy the universe has seen fit for me to be around for another year.
My oldest daughter asked me this morning, "So how old are you now?" I proudly said "47" and she said "well, that's not too old ......yet". Thanks my dear first born child.
Then of course there are the parts of the body which have now decided they don't like where they used to be when I was younger and have decided to move somewhere else. Somewhere lower than where they started out. Yes, I did notice a few wirey gray hairs in my head this morning after I had staggered out of bed but not too many and "so what". .... growing older does happen to all of us regardless of what the makers of "botox" tell us.
There is a beautiful, life affirming piece of writing by Anne Lamott in her book "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith". It is entitled "Untitled" and speaks of aging gracefully and of a total acceptance of "self". I could never write anything more appropriate or brilliant. Please read it if you get the chance as it is remarkable.
I left the house this morning to teach yoga and there was a gift on my front stoop. I went to pick it up and almost dislocated my shoulder. I finally managed to drag it into the house and open it....low and behold it was a set of weights from Kelly. She knows I have been lifting and was thoughtful enough to give me this most perfect birthday gift. Tonight John will bring home sushi for dinner (one of my favs) and my kids will be doing what they can to pamper me (I hope) , I'll hear from other friends and family and have a glass of good red. What could be better? Life is short and none of us knows when our time is up........each and every day has something good to offer...........soak it up.


andrea said...

I'm another 1960 baby. (Shhh... don't tell anyone :)

Melody said...

1960, must have been a great year then