Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breathe Into It
Acrylic on Canvas
Available at The Silverbridge Gallery

Just reading one of my fav blogs by one of my fav painters Heather Horton who has been involved for quite some time on the book "Photographs & Writings of Christopher McCandless".  

Chris McCandless's journey was chronicled in the book "Into The Wild".   by Jon Kraukauer.  It sounds so exciting and being such a big fan of the book as well as the movie I can't wait to get my hands on it once it's published.


andrea said...

Keep us informed! Not only did I love the book and the movie but I play the Eddie Vedder soundtrack all the time. It appeals to something primal in me.

Melody said...

I will Andrea... I too loved the book (read it 3 times) loved the movie and listen to the soundtrack. Sounds like were on the same page

Ellen said...

I've never the read the book :(, but read almost everything else Jon Kraukauer's written. I'm curious about this book, and love Heather Horton's paintings.

This one of yours is lovely, the format works beautifully for your cloudscapes.

Melody said...

Ellen, definitely read "Into The Wild" I know you'll love it...and let me know your thoughts when your done