Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Yearning Fields
Thread, Wool, Silk & Paint
Matted & Framed

So I'm off for a few days to visit my family most especially my Nana who has been put into an old age facility at the age of 94.   I heard she was off bowling a few days ago and was the best of the bunch so I'll be interested to hear that story from her.  Tuesday morning I'm headed into The Village Gallery to meet with both Alison and Megan and to bring in some new pieces.

Tuesday afternoon I'm back out here at Jan Wheeler's home for the Images Tour Media Kick Off which should be fun.... lots of media types as well as great food and other artists ... fabulous way to spend an afternoon.


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andrea said...

Just like my husband's grandmother who didn't leave her own house to go into a home until she was 95 and just last year, at 99, was bowling champion! Gotta love that pioneer spirit!