Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The last few days have been busy ones for me and yes, I'm glad to finally be back home.  I spent a few days visiting with my family and my Nana whom I had previously mentioned was now in a nursing home and got a chance to hold the newest addition to our family my great-nephew Max ...... adorable!

Tuesday morning I met with Megan at The Village Gallery as I was dropping off new work.  We had a brief chat but I was on a tight timeline to get back up here for the Images Studio Tour kick off.  It was a great afternoon and the sun graced us with it's presence which was a far cry from earlier in the day when the sky opened up with a lightening storm that I heard was quite the spectacle.

Big thanks to Jan Wheeler for opening up her place for the kick off.  Here's some pics of the afternoon....

The food was fantastic but it was the chocolates that held my attention

This guy stopped by

Jan made up wonderful artist statements to accompany the work that was displayed

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Ellen said...

omg, I want to live in that place! fantastic place to see art, wish I could've been there. Sounds like a great day. Congrats on that new grand nephew too, he's a cutie (I noticed on your FB profile:)