Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wide Open Space
Paint, Wool, Silk & Thread
Matted & Framed

O.k. finally some new work to report.... about time I'd say. 

 I've been hard at it this week and finished two pieces today which went directly to my framers so they'll be ready for the Images Tour at Thanksgiving.  Nothing like a solid deadline to give you some perspective.
I'm really pleased with both of the works although  one of the pieces I almost tossed twice as I just didn't feel it was headed in the direction I had initially hoped it would.  Glad I kept at it as it may be one of my favourites after all is said and done.  I'll post it later this week.

This piece was completed in my usual way which is cotton laid on top of canvas,  painted, threaded (the trees in the distance) and then overlaid with wool & silk which is then sewn down.  

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