Monday, September 13, 2010

Sierah Lake Superior 2010

Last week at this time we were helping pack my oldest daughter up to head to the next adventure in her  Everyone's spirits were high and John and I sort of got lost in her excitement as this was a big moment.  Can't say enough great things about the university as everyone on campus was happy, energetic, friendly and amazingly helpful.  We started moving things in and then took a break to head downtown for lunch.  Came back finished setting up her room and everything was going so well until the "dreaded goodbyes" ... damn those goodbyes they get you everytime.  I promised myself I wouldn't cry because  
  1.  I didn't want to make her cry or feel upset on such an exciting day
  2. My mascara would run everywhere and my eyes would remain puffy for hours which would be a sure sign to others I couldn't hold it together at least until I got to the car
  3. I wanted to show everyone who told me that I would cry that I wouldn't

Well you know the rest....... the tears started for her and I at just about the same time.....holding it back just wasn't possible.

On the way home in the car the three of us were silent.  In many ways it felt almost deafeningly quiet.  I think we were all busy dealing with her leaving in our own ways.  For me it was memories of a beautiful little girl who used to sit on her bed in the dark and read books aloud long after the lights went out just because she loved to read.  A sweet gentle child who has in no time at all grown into an independent, beautiful young woman with her life waiting with open arms...........


Rita vindedzis said...

A beautiful post (and photo!) Sounds like such an emotional day but it will get easier as you adjust I'm sure. I'm so happy that my son wanted to attend a local university and can live at home. Our children really do grow up so quickly and it's wonderful to see them turn into young independent adults.

andrea said...

Lovely. Makes me weepy even though (and because) my own home leaving was so different.

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea.... I was actually quietly weeping as I wrote it. We talk or skype everyday but I sure do miss her presence.