Sunday, January 6, 2008

And Then There Were Oils

I had been happily playing around with my acrylic paints last week when a friend of mine called to ask if I wanted her oil paints as she just didn't have the time or desire to use them anymore. Being a hoarder of all materials pertaining to art, I of course said yes. Well let me tell you ......... oils are just wonderful. Unlike acrylics they simply glide onto the canvas......just like butter and the colours...... oh don't get me started. It is simply a feast for the eyes.
So once again I find myself preoccupied with something other than my own work..... but am I having fun.

I have on more than one occasion glanced over and seen the piece I am halfway through completing and then I feel guilty because I know I need to get to it. I feel as if I am in this wildly exciting period where I've actually taken time to experiment. I'm figuring that everything I'm learning right now will in some round about way contribute to my own art when I get back to it.


Cynthia said...

I wouldn't pass over the gift of oil paints either - I've actually been thinking of painting a little bit since winter is really setting in hard this year.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, what a gift!! I remember my first encounter with oils. I had been painting only watercolors, with a tiny bit of acrylics thrown in. I had an opportunity to take an oil workshop, and my first thought was "ohhhhh, this is like spreading semi-melted butter! and the colors!" I began painting in oils immediately. I just love them.

andrea said...

I am green with envy. I've been promising myself for a couple of years now that I will invest in oil paints again but haven't yet had room in the budget for it. Do you have any other friends? :)

Melody said...

I feel so lucky to have been offered the paints.
Cynthia, let me know when you start painting. I'd love to see some of your work.
Jean, yes, melted butter describes it perfectly
Andrea....I'll let you know if I come across any new generous friends

Paula said...

I've been so tempted to try oils but have so far resisted.

You lucky, lucky, dog.

BTW, I found you via Andrea.

Melody said...

Thanks Paula for leaving a comment. Hope you come back again