Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sleepless Nights, New Ideas, Great Dinner Parties

Last night I tossed and turned for what felt like hours. My head was just buzzing with new ideas and possibilities for work which was of course good just not at 11pm. So as I lay there I tried the "deep relaxation breath"...nope, still not feeling tired after 82 of them. It crossed my mind to try counting sheep but come on.....does that really work? When I eventually got around to trying to visualize the only visualization I could summon up at that moment was me working in my studio so at around midnight I gave up the fight and headed in to work.

I received an email from Carol Currie yesterday at the Carriage House Gallery. A textile collector bought my piece "Two" on Saturday night and would like me to contact her with the possibility of acquiring more work. Fabulous!!!! Carol also wants me to think about either participating in a group show or doing a solo show with the gallery this year. No wonder I couldn't sleep.

I also started thinking about what piece I would enter into the Zephyr Gallery's "International Women's Day Show" which is fast approaching as well as a juried show I'm interested in at the ACA Gallery in Toronto. "Bend, Fold and Manipulate" is an exhibit in which textile artists, through their work, will suggest the possible steps in a plan for how we, today, can be coaxed into turning in a new direction so that tomorrow we learn to lay together and interlace our freedoms to handle and manage and live in global peace. I love the ACA Gallery because of their commitment to change in the world. Much of the commission they collect from sold work goes to support social and egological projects. That is something most of us can get behind.

Next post I'll blog a bit about an "Eat, Pray, Love" dinner party I'm giving for eight of my friends at the end of January. Should be a blast. Whatever you do today........ enjoy!


Jean Levert Hood said...

What a great start to your new year, Melody!
Lovely piece you're showing here.

Melody said...

Thanks Jean, this is the piece "Two" that just sold

andrea said...

D'oh! Jean Levert Hood said exactly what I wanted to say.