Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Ramblings

Talked with Carol from the Carriage House Gallery today and it looks like we may schedule the show for July. She has spoken with designer Annie Thompson as to her interest and she is coming up to check out the gallery space some time soon. There may be a theme for the show but we haven't gotten that far yet. I have promised 10 new pieces which will be considerably bigger than the format I've been working in lately. Yikes ........note to self.....stop reading about Tom Cruise online and get into the studio more.

Yesterday I was shovelling snow...yuck. I think the older I've gotten the more I crave the warm weather. Fifteen years ago I could never understand how anyone in their right mind would ever want to head down south for the I can.... but that just may mean I am not be in my "right mind" anymore.

Finished The Other Boleyn Girl last night and loved it. Kelly, Judy and I will make a girls night of it when the movie comes out. I also want to see Juno which is being billed as the little movie that could. Similar to when Little Miss Sunshine came out which I watched three times.
The piece I've posted just came back from the framers and looks great. I love that we went with a black matt rather than the classic white as it just pops the yellows right out of the work.


Jean Levert Hood said...

This piece is beautiful, Melody. I clicked on it to enlarge, and the detail is amazing. What size is it?

Best to you for the show, keep us informed.
Jean Levert Hood

Melody said...

Thanks Jean. The actual image is about 5"x4" but once it is matted and framed it works out to about