Monday, January 14, 2008

A Weekend of Rest, Movies and Books

The weekend that just past was extremely relaxing for us and I can't say I really accomplished anything at all which was fine by me. I did get caught up on Lost which I am now officially addicted to. I never began watching this series until about a year ago but still only pretty much off and on. Then we started renting the third season and that was it. Will have to finish up before January 31st as Kelly tells me that is when season 4 begins.
I'm also reading this fabulous book "The Other Boleyn Girl". I just can't put it about a page turner. Read about the book and the movie here
Highly recommended
We also watched "The Village" on television while we ate Salt & Pepper potato chips (yes, I know this is so bad for my waistline but it was fun at the time). I heard it got very poor reviews but I genuinely liked it. I thought it said a lot about how fear can basically immobilize people and how easy it is to control others through the use of fear. Interesting concept and a great look at the human condition.
Today I'm back in the studio with two other pieces in the works.


tascha said...

I've never watched Lost, but I'm sure i will one day, and then I'll get to watch all of them at once LOL.
Give kitty a hug from me :)

Melody said...

I give him a big hug everyday Tasha but I'll give him an extra one from you