Thursday, January 24, 2008


Although I am ashamed to say it, this is the closet in my studio. Lately I've just been opening it and jamming things in because the thought of actually organizing it seems daunting in the least. When I was looking through it yesterday I found some silk dyes which I haven't used in about 8 years. Why I still have them is beyond me. So tomorrow my job will be (if I choose to accept it.....ok, lame attempt at Mission Impossible) to take everything out and only put back what I am currently using. This is obviously not something I am looking forward to.

My oldest daughter asked me today if she could have a party at our house after her last exam ........for 12 of her closest friends. As always I sigh and grind my teeth. She is a good kid so I'm pretty lucky but the idea of having boys here as well as girls is not sitting with me too well. I told her both her dad and I would be here at which she rolled her eyes and said, "but you won't be coming downstairs will you?" Again I sigh. "And dad won't be embarrasing will he?" By that she means he will not be doing this funky little dance he does when he hears "Hung Up" by Madonna. Ok, I agree it is rather embarrassing even to me. But at this point in our lives if we can't embarass our children....where's the fun!
Hope your week has been a good one


Paula said...

Looks like a couple of my closets !!

Come over to my place and help me sort though my junk and I'll come over to yours.......I bet we'd just end up exchanging.......ha!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, I started tearing my studio apart yesterday! I need some organization in there. It feels good to have a throw away stack,and a give away stack!

Your daughter sounds so cute! That is too funny about her dad not embarrasing her.

Melody said...

Paula, I bet we would too

Jean, it does feel so good to organize.