Sunday, January 27, 2008

Morning Ski

Today Kelly, Rob, John and I headed out for a morning ski. There was fresh snow and warm temperatures and that sun felt like heaven on my face. We are very fortunate to live in a small village by the lake in which we can cross country ski right out our backdoor to the many trails that are available. Today I was feeling the gratitude in a "big" way. Here are a few pictures of the morning.

My guy


andrea said...

Beautiful shots and I'm envious of where you live! It's been snowing all day here, in this one zone of the Metro Vancouver area (rain or dry elsewhere) and the sun just came out. I'd strap on my skis, too -- if I had any. :)

Paula said...

Looks like fun even though I am no longer a snow person.

I used to live outside Telluride, Colorado. My first year there we had over 5 feet of snow on the ground from November through April. That did it for me. Beautiful if you don't have to drive 48 miles over Lizard Head Pass to work every day.

We woke up to snow and ice here in New Mexico this morning. It is nearly 8:15 am and most of it has melted. I call it "ornamental snow". Just the right amount ~ a dusting.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I've recently become a Snowbird leaving wintery Massachusetts for South West Florida just after New Years.
Really, I do miss the snow but the cold and the shoveling, less so. The mild weather here is easy to take along with sun almost every day. Not New England Gray for months at a time. That's how I got in the bad habit of being a pajama girl in the first place! The days are so short and DARK from November through February you barely have time to get dressed!
Love the photos and the lake outside the door.

Melody said...

Andrea, I love cross country skiing but am just not disciplined enough to get out very often.

Paula, as I get older I don't think I'm much of a snow person either. New Mexico huh? Have always wanted to take a trip there. Some gorgeous art galleries i would love to visit

Mary, Florida sounds really good right about now.. we have sooooo much snow here we have run out of places to put it.