Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn is Here

I went walking through the park behind our home yesterday and that sound of crunching leaves under foot reminds me that fall is here even though the weather we have been receiving lately feels more like summer. It is a wonderful time of year.
The Images Tour starts in less than two weeks and I think I can safely say I'm ready. I'm usually running around, working myself into such a state because I've once again procrastinated and now need to pull it all together in less than a week. Not this year. I've completed everything that is going into the show. I'll still work on few outstanding pieces but for a change.........no rush!
My house is in quite a state though. We are having hardwood floors put in the livingroom, hallway and stairs so you can imagine the noise. I'm hoping to have everything painted before Thanksgiving but it is looking like it may have to happen afterwards.
I like the photo I've posted, it looks quite promising for my next piece of artwork. So serene, so inviting. As if, no matter how busy your life has gotten you really need to take that walk.

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