Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Mess Continues

I went looking for my kettle this morning and after ten minutes of what seemed like a fruitless search..........I found it under my bed. This has been my life as of late. I keep telling myself it will all be over in four days but at this moment it all seems quite chaotic. What was I thinking when I made the decision to put flooring in and paint right before my in laws arrive and the Images Tour begins. You could say I was being optimistic or just plain crazy...........perhaps a fine line between the two.
Today is the dreaded pricing day in which I scratch my head a lot and try to figure out what new strategy I am going to use to find prices for my new work. Yuck! I've found from talking to other artists that this is one of the most difficult things to do. Is it too low? Is it too high? Who knows.
I completed an inventory of all the work for the show this morning even though I was tripping over kitchen appliances and shelving. Unfortunately most of the "stuff" from the house has gone into my tiny studio for the time being until the painting is finished. Anyway, I have a list and now I'll just sit with it for the next couple days.
I was also mulling over my schedule for next week.............Thursday looks positively frightening.
This is the way it pans out..........the painter is finished on Wednesday at inlaws arrive on Thursday night. Like I said, what was I thinking?
Thursday I have to try and throw the house together........everything back in it's place, curtains and artwork, all lamps, furniture,pots and pans,rugs, books, and shelving. After that I need to drive to town to grocery shop and pick up the turkey, then over to Gary Brierley's to set up my part of the show, then home to start dinner for the inlaws who will arrive around 6:00pm. I'll be serving a big bottle of red wine with dinner that night.
Be well,


Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, you are cracking me up! What an ordeal, how can you possibly find time to write about it?
Hang in there!

Melody said...

Thanks Jean.......I think writing about it has been a great outlet for me but I am hanging on my a thin thread (pardon the pun)