Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Celebration Part 2

When we got down to the beach all of our friends and family formed a circle around us. John's uncle Jim read a passage that he had written regarding love, kindness and strength. Our good friend Bob spoke about what being "a friend" really means. Both of my daughters read a passage that they felt was revelant. One was from the book "The Prophet" and the other a native blessing. Various people spoke from their heart and at times I was having a difficult time not bursting out into tears.
John's family has a family ring which represents their connection to Lake Superior. Everyone of us has one except for my two girls. When they both finished reading their pieces, John's mom and her husband came into the circle and presented the girls each with the ring. Now I really felt like crying. The ceremony ended with our friends Marilyn and Charlie. He accompanied her on guitar while she sang. Beautiful.
Rather than have our guests sign a traditional book we had them leave a message on one of the rocks from the beach.........this way when we are at camp the rocks will always remind us of what a wonderful day that was..........filled with love, good friends and kindness.

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