Thursday, September 27, 2007

Renovations Suck

My house is a total disaster.
I spent the better part of the morning wiping down doors and windows getting ready for the painter to arrive at noon. My kitchen is totally bare and most of the stuff that was on the counter is now in my studio as well as a variety of shelves, artwork and kitchen utensils. The hardwood floor was finally finished around 6pm but I wasn't around as I had to pick my oldest up from town. I was contemplating starting dinner but out sounds better.
Ran up to the framers to sign a few mats........I'll be up there again tomorrow to frame five more pieces and then I'm done. Still not sure when I'm to set up for the Images Tour but I am assuming it will be next Thursday.
The painter has informed me he will be done by in laws arrive on Thursday night. What have I done? How I'm going to get set up, hang my curtains back up, put my furniture back etc is beyond me.........but I do have faith it will all come together and if it doesn't.....oh well, it doesn't. I've been trying to put things into perspective lately and realize whatever doesn't get done will still be there tomorrow and the world isn't going to end because of it. I'm trying not to get myself too wrapped around the axel these days. The saying "life is short" is true and I'm trying to remember that.
The girls are off on a PD Day tomorrow but I'm taking the day and heading out. I've got a few errands to run and then will hopefully meet Kelly for lunch. I might drop by the house just to check on the painter (something about him just isn't sitting right with me) and to see if the girls would like to go grocery shopping. If they do come it will only be because they try to pull a fast one on me by putting things in the cart when they think I'm not looking or confused. Lately I think I've been confused a lot.........forgetful is probably a better description but I've heard that comes along with menopause. Yuck!!!
John is home all day tomorrow ( let him check on the painter) until he leaves on his overnight fishing trip with a few friends. Good for him, he's been working really hard lately and needs the break.
Just completed the above piece.........lots of thread work on this one. I entitled "Two" and it will be part of the Images Tour.
Looks like a wonderful weather weekend here...........hope you have a good one

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Cynthia said...

I had to laugh when I clicked on your blog and read the title of your post - "renovations suck".

We went through that a few years ago and I can really relate. Good Luck with everything.