Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sights and Sounds of the City

Yesterday John and I had a fabulous time. Our friends Jay and Karen gave us tickets to a Blue Jays game for our 20 year, I don't like baseball and neither does John but the gift has sentimental value as for our first date we went to a Jays game. Even twenty years ago I never liked baseball but I liked him and if that was what we were going to do on our first date, I was all for it.
So we dropped the girls at my brother in laws and headed downtown. Toronto is such a fabulous city there really is an electricity that runs through the air there. If you ever have a chance to visit you'll love it.
When we arrived at the Rogers Center and picked up our tickets we then realized that our seats were in the nose bleed section as they had been on our first appropriate. We ended up leaving early (we did on our first date too) and headed over to Le Saint Tropez on King Street for an early dinner. Le Saint Tropez is one of my favourite restaurants in the city as it reminds me of being in France.
All through our meal I couldn't help looking over at John, really looking at him and remembering all of the memories we have shared over the last twenty years. To say I love him now more than I loved him when I married him is an understatement. We have so much history.............and although we are now very different people than we were back then..........I feel we have grown together. He knows I will never like fishing but I know he will never like sewing and isn't that gung ho about art either but that's OK. We share the important things.
I believe he is one of the "best" people I know.
After dinner we headed back to my brother in law Gregor's house. It was his son's second birthday so we joined in on all the festivities.....lots of cake and pizza.
Didn't get home until so much later than I had anticipated and unfortunatley missed out on Kelly's annual bash. It is such a blast and I do look forward to it every year. All types of musicians show up and play guitar and sing.........last year her husbands band played and it was fabulous. Yes, people do get up and dance which I did one year but we won't get into that. That is a story for another day.
Tomorrow back to work...........
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend..............

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Jill Smith said...

You sound as though you had a great time and the name of were you had your meal reminded me of Paris, at 14 l was going to be an artist in a garret n Paris and l was at art school with John Hurt the acter as he came from my town and he said he was going to be an acter or painter and he left and did become an acter very quick so l would be a artist in Paris, but l didn't started out as a nurse, had a flower shop, then made china dolls and made one for Princess Diana as an order so that was way big then back to painting. back to painting then to 6 city and guilds and onto fabric and think i have found my niche but wish l had found it earlier but we all think the grass is greener don't we.