Saturday, September 8, 2007

On The Search For A New Gallery

I finally took some time today to type up a few covering letters, C.V.'s, and artist statements to send off to a few potential galleries that I like. I would ideally like to find a gallery in Chicago or perhaps New York. I would also enjoy to visit both of these cities so I guess I would be killing two birds with one stone so to speak. I've heard good things about the Vale Gallery in Chicago on West Superior. When we were up at the lake I was introduced to a friend of my mother in laws who is a professor in Chicago. He was kind enough to give me the scoop on the area in which the gallery is located and it sounds great. Anyone out there have any gallery recommendations in either of these cities?
So, I've got quite a bit of work ahead of me which does need to be done. Once the Images Studio Tour is over I need to find a few new galleries for representation. I've procrastinated enough..........time to take some action.
John and I had a good morning as we took off early for the farmers market to pick up a few things. We always intend to pick up a few things but always buy so much more. How can you help it.........fresh local produce, yummy pies, organic meat. Besides I would far rather spend my money supporting our farmers than at the supermarket. I so enjoy walking around outside visiting all the vendors............everything from my friend Jennifer who sells the most delicious pies, to Sharon who farms fabulous organic produce, the bread woman who bakes my favourite sunflower flax bread and the great olive guy (don't know his name) who has six different varieties of stuffed olives (garlic, sundried tomato, feta, blue cheese, roasted red pepper and I forget the last one). I feel very fortunate to have such a great market 10 minutes up the road and for John and I it is a nice ritual. The girls are teenagers so of course they are sleeping in and not interested in heading out to the market. We have a leisurely cup of coffee around 6:45am and are usually at the market by 7:30pm Pretty sweet.
Well, must go. I am making Vegetable Fried Rice for dinner but sticking some organic chicken in so I guess it is not really vegetarian is it? Don't tell Kelly.
The above piece I absolutely love but I don't necessarily love the photo of it. I cannot afford to hire someone to photograph my artwork so the deed is left up to me. I think most of the people who view my work in person see it much differently then it is online. In a photo you really can't appreciate the vivid colour and texture the way you can live. That is surely a drawback when it comes to galleries viewing your work but as John would say "it is what it is".
Take Care


Cynthia said...

Your work is lovely, Melody!! I was just telling someone how the internet distorts art work somehow. I'm sure if people saw my work in person they would say it looks nothing like the photographs online.

Melody said...

Your fabulous Cynthia.......thanks for the words of encouragement

Jean Levert Hood said...

This piece is amazing, Melody. I clicked on it to enlarge, and it is just fascinating to me. Yes, photographing our work is not an easy thing.

Melody said...

Thanks so much Jean.....hard to believe such a small piece 3"x3" takes so long to create.